Hearing and Identifying Sequences

Before listening, be sure to read this: Diatonic Sequences: A Listening Strategy.

Below are recordings of music that include one or more sequences.  You can use the recordings to practice identifying sequences.  To check yourself, see the Playlist of Recorded Examples of Sequences for names of sequences and for the time in a track when a sequence occurs.

01 Bach, WTC, Book I, Prelude in Bb Major.mp3


02 Piano Sonata in D, Op. 28/iv.mp3


03 Piano Sonata in E, Op.109/i.mp3


04 Britten,The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.mp3


05 Etude in G-flat, Op. 25/9.mp3


06 Symphony 8 in G_ii.mp3


07 Concerto Grosso op.6/12 in B minor/allegro.mp3


08 Giulio Cesare, “V’adoro, pupille”.mp3


09 Messiah, “Rejoice Greatly”.mp3


10 Suite VII in g minor, Passacaglia.mp3


11 Die Zauberflote, No. 5, Quintet “Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm”.mp3


12 Die Zauberflote, No. 7, Duet “Bei Maennern”.mp3


13 String Quartet in G, K. 80/iii Trio.mp3


14 String Quartet in A, K 169/ii.mp3


16 Requiem, Rex Tremendae.mp3


17 Pulcinella, Overture.mp3