5. Exercises for Practicing Harmonic Listening

Exercises for Hearing Pre-dominant Triads Drawn from Laitz (1st edition)

Pre-dominant Identification

Listen to the examples listed below and identify each Pd chord by its Roman numeral and figure.

NOTE: Your options are IV, ii, and ii6.  Since they have the same scale degree in the bass, carefully distinguish between IV and ii6 using chord quality or scale degree content.

Ex. 13.2 A       __________                                   Ex. 13.3 A       __________

Ex. 13.2 B       __________                                   Ex. 13.3 B       __________

Ex. 13.2 D       __________                                   Ex. 13.3 D       __________

Ex. 13.2 E       __________                                   Ex. 13.3 E       __________

Ex. 13.2 F       __________



Listening Exercise

Listen to Ex. 21.3A and then notate on staff paper the outer parts (the highest and lowest notes of each chord) and the chords using Roman numerals and figures.

Use a key signature of one flat, and a meter of 2/4.

  1. Identify the tonic expansion by name,
  2. Pay special attention to the pre-dominant chord so that you label it as we have in class, and
  3. Label the type of cadence.




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