Unit 1 Exam, Theory IV: A Virtual Review Session

Theory IV

Unit 1 Exam Topics: Chromatic Harmony and Distant Modulation

Modal Mixture and Mixture-Pivot Modulation

                Mixture Chords–chords available by borrowing from the parallel minor

The expressive power of modal mixture

                How to use mixture chords to pivot to the keys of bIII and bVI

Mixture-pivot modulation 1

Mixture-pivot modulation 2


Augmented Sixths and Neapolitan Sixths: Distant Modulation and Special Uses

Augmented sixths: It, Fr, and Gr

Neapolitan sixths: bII6

Recognizing augmented sixth and Neapolitan sixth chords


      Enharmonic Reinterpretation of German Six-Five

German six-five = V7 and visa versa

Analysis of enharmonically reinterpeted German six-five and V7 chords

      Inversions of German Six-Five

Gro3   has ____ in the bass.

Gr43    has ____ in the bass.

Analysis of an inversion of the German six-five chord

      Applied Augmented Sixths

                Analysis of applied augmented sixths

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