Meeting 7. Metrical Dissonance

 Metrical Dissonance

This video covers some of the main distinctions presented by Harold Krebs in the article “Some Extensions of the Concepts of Metrical Consonance and Dissonance.”

Metrical Levels

Metrical Dissonance as non-alignment between levels

Grouping Dissonance vs. Displacement Dissonance

Direct Dissonance vs. Indirect Dissonance

In the following video, I identify kinds of metrical dissonance in some examples by Haydn:

 Metrical Dissonance in excerpts by Haydn

See page 16 of the following document (printed as page 272):

Haydn. Symphony No. 65 in A major. Hob I.65

See the first two pages in the following document:

Haydn. Op.64 No.5

See pages 8-9 of the following document (printed pages 92-93)

Haydn. Op.17 No.5

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