Welcome to my website!  Video guides will appear within the Music Theory Review section.  I invite you to find a unit within that section, locate a topic that interests you, read through the text and tables, and click on video buttons to see illustrations of music theory concepts and techniques.

Best wishes,

Austin Patty

6 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. A personal question. Is this the Austin Patty who’s parents pastored a church,
    Covenant Presbyterian Church, in Grand Junction Colorado?
    Carol J. Neuschwanger
    Presently in Boquete Panama
    Formerly in Grand Junction Colorado

  2. Hi Austin,

    I found your videos on youtube; as a student of Salzer’s interpretations of Schenker I find your work exceptionally important and great to see. How might we correspond? Feel free to email me; I am looking for someone who could offer insights to personal compositions I am working on as I am in grave need of technical guidance on large scale structure, errors I am probably making at the middle-ground, and critique over melody and orchestration.

    Where do you teach?
    Do you offer private lessons/consultation?

    All the best,
    Brandon Esten

    • Dear Brandon,
      I am so busy that I cannot take on any students at present, unless you would like to join us at the Lee University School of Music, where I teach.
      Wishing you all the best as you hone your art!

  3. Hello Austin,

    I am writing from Tanzania. I am an elementary music writer but I still lack skills on four part harmonization. I want to join your tutorials and network for further skills development. Can I have that permission to join you?

    Kind Regards,

    Hamenya Yohana Kasase

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